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Children's Illustration

My tenure with Treehouse Press was an informative one, inspiring me to focus on children's illustration. As a result, I've returned to the  more traditional medium of pen and ink and pencil crayon to better express the imaginative world children experience. It's this kind of work I find very rewarding and a lot of fun to do!

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Snow White

Lost Aliens

The Architect


Colour Cover - Grade 4 Book

Bathtime Periscope

Puffin Tea

Ghul & Basil

Aztec Architect

Kiddie Pirates

Tyger! Tyger!

Necessity is often the mother of inspiration, and I needed a promotional postcard for the SCBWI ( Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators) LA Summer Conference. Blake's poem, "Tyger! Tyger!" was the starting point for this piece and it evolved into the picture you see here. Illustrator CS, was the medium of choice in this case.



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