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This the “Lab!”, where you will find experiments, works in progress, sketches and things of interest to Kit.

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A promo/contest piece in an editorial vein. The piece speaks for itself. This was also a successful fusion of both Illustrator and Photoshop. I like how I made the truck cabs look like skulls.

Etudiez le Journal

Another contest piece. This is also a case where the original inspiration evolves into something completely different. What started out as a cultural study of Jazz and cubism, became what you see here.

Outside the Box

Yet another contest piece. This is only the preliminary rendering for the final which was to be rendered in 3-D. The final “sculpture” will be up here soon.


Hallowe'en 2002

Something fun. It was for a Hallowe'en CD I sent out to friends.

F(requent) M(utilation) / The Gauntlet

"Frequent Mutilation", or "FM", was one of the earliest pieces I did in Illustrator. It was inspired by the Slits' song of the same name. Something about it said, "The Gauntlet." I still like the way I gave the taxis stripes to suggest their feral quality.

Rue Morgue Promo

My promo pieces are ultimately experiments. The successful ones get mailed out. In this case a promo piece specifically aimed at the horror/culture magazine Rue Morgue. Inspiration: Lon Chaney in “London After Midnight.”

The Procession

A experiment in progress using PHOTOSHOP.



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